Grading + pattern-writing

Too many ideas and not enough time? You need a pattern writer!

Grading and pattern-writing are specialist technical services that can free you up to concentrate on the creative side of your work.

Our expert pattern writer can take your single-size sample pattern and grade it to a range of sizes.

Alternatively, they can write you a multi-sized pattern from scratch, based upon your detailed specifications.

Whichever option you go for, the pattern will be written in the house style of your choosing, and graded to your desired sizing range.

Once the pattern is written you will then need to get it tech edited. You can use one of our tech editors, or you’re welcome to use your own, if you already have someone you work with regularly.

Don’t know where to start? If you’re new to this process don’t worry! We can guide you through it.

For grading, we need the single-size pattern, accurate tension measurements, and good clear photos of the sample if you cannot provide the physical item.

For pattern writing we will need your swatched tension for any stitch patterns used, a sketch of your design and your desired finished measurements for a single size.

We will then provide recommendations on construction style, grading range (the difference between the smallest and largest sizes) and sizing increments.

If you don’t have a house style or grading standards, don’t worry! We have our own house style and grading standards, which cover every size, from newborn baby to 6X adult.

If you’re unsure which option is best for you, bear in mind that it is usually a little quicker to write a pattern from scratch. Grading from a sample pattern requires a basic tech edit of that pattern first, which will add to the time needed for the whole process.


Pattern writing £40 per hour
Grading £40 per hour

The amount of time it takes to write or grade a pattern is dependent on the complexity and accuracy of your original document. We are always happy to provide an estimate.

Typical grading & pattern writing times
Hats and cowls 1.5 to 2.5 hours for 3 sizes, minimum fee £90
Socks and mittens 2 to 4 hrs for 3 sizes, minimum fee £90
Garments 3 to 8 hrs for 6 double or single sizes within adult/child/baby range, minimum fee £150

Grading to a wider size range, converting an adult pattern to a children’s size range, or vice versa will usually take longer.

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