Want expert eyes to see your project before you publish? The security of knowing that experienced proofreaders have seen your piece of work before you release it to the wider public is a lovely feeling.

Proofreading your own work is always hard (which is why teamwork is so valuable), and even if multiple people have been involved, we can provide that vital last stage.

Working on books or collections is our speciality, and we can work across text and patterns, making sure that both layout details and your house style are applied consistently and clearly throughout.

We can also provide advice on layout, picture choice, and titles as part of a consultation – please get in touch to discuss this further.


Standard proofreading – £40 per hour

The amount of time it takes to proofread a project is dependent on the complexity of the original document. We are always happy to provide an estimate.

Typical standard proofreading times
8 laid-out pages – 1 hour

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