Tech editing

Need a next-level tech editor? Our expert tech editors have decades of experience between them, and have different specialisms to suit your needs.

Whether you need an seasoned grader, a style guru or a vintage pattern writer, we can help.

We take a collaborative approach to tech editing, building long-term relationships with our clients and supporting them as their businesses grow.

As well as tackling the pattern in question, our aim is to help the designers we work with improve their overall pattern-writing skills and accuracy. This might mean creating a style sheet, pattern template or grading standards that can be used again and again, or offering them one-to-one tuition in specific areas of pattern-writing and grading.

Our standard tech-editing service includes:

  • checking all mathematics, including schematics
  • checking charts
  • copyediting all text
  • applying your style sheet, or our standard one
  • making sure your pattern is clear, consistent and accurate

We recommend all patterns are checked by two different tech editors, and have a pool of experienced tech editors to draw from.


Tech editing – £40 per hour

The amount of time it takes to tech edit a pattern is dependent on the complexity, length and accuracy of your original document. We are always happy to provide an estimate.

Typical tech-editing times
Garment pattern – 2 to 5 hours, minimum fee £90
Accessory pattern – 1 to 3 hours, minimum fee £60

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