Vintage pattern rewrites

In love with vintage patterns? As long as you have permission from the copyright holder, we can help you create a modern version of a vintage design.

Vintage patterns come with their own challenges. They are often inaccurate, sketchily written, with limited grading and outmoded construction methods! But all of that can usually be overcome.

Our pattern writer will work with you to reinterpret your vintage pattern for a modern audience. This may simply mean correcting inaccuracies in the original pattern and grading it to a wider size range, or it may entail a complete rewrite.


Vintage pattern rewrites £45 per hour
Vintage pattern grading £45 per hour

The amount of time it takes to write or grade a pattern is dependent on the complexity, length and accuracy of your original document. We are always happy to provide an estimate.

Typical grading & pattern writing times
Hats and cowls 2 to 3 hours for 3 sizes
Socks and mittens 2.5 to 4.5 hrs for 3 sizes
Garments 3.5 to 9 hrs for 6 double or single sizes within adult/child/baby range.

Grading to a wider size range, converting an adult pattern to a children’s size range or vice versa will usually take longer.

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