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Amelia Hodsdon

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Amelia has been a technical and copy editor for the fibre industry since 2016. Before that she worked at the Guardian for more than a decade, in the main as a production editor, overseeing the timely, smooth and happy production of magazines and newspaper sections such as Family, Media and Do Something.

During her 13 years at the Guardian, Amelia co-edited the Guardian Style Guide, and now specialises in consistency and clarity in pattern-writing, as well as the creation of style guides for designers and publishers. She works with clients to plan their projects, whether this is a new yarn range, a template for their patterns, or the kernel of a new book.

Books that Amelia has worked on as a technical editor, copyeditor or proofreader include Coming Home: Ten Years of Old Maiden Aunt Yarns for Lilith Green, Jamieson & Smith: A Shetland Story, This Thing of Paper by Karie Westermann, The Vintage Shetland Project by Susan Crawford, Daughter of a Shepherd: Volume 1 for Rachel Atkinson, Travel Knits for the Family: Volume 1 by Kate Bostwick, multiple collections for Making Stories, and a forthcoming collection for Mild Woman.

She has worked on both of Anna Maltz’s books (Penguin: A Knit Collection, and Marlisle: A New Direction in Knitting), which is where the idea of Light Work Collective was born.

Her regular tech-editing clients include Thea Colman, Libby Jonson, Clare Devine, Ella Gordon, Maddie Harvey, Bristol Ivy, Jane Lithgow, Louise Tilbrook, Quail Studio, Erika Knight, Mary Jane Mucklestone and Karie Westermann.

Amelia lives in London with her family, and spends any free time she gets doing things with wool, meeting up with the friends she has made through knitting, or immersing herself in books and music.

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Rosee has worked as a knit and crochet technical editor since 2010 and now specialises in grading and pattern-writing to designer specifications. Because of her extensive experience in delivering the vision of other designers, she favours a collaborative approach to technical work. She particularly loves Fair Isle and Scandinavian knitwear and has an encyclopedic knowledge of fishermen’s ganseys.

After a decade working as a news and features editor with a growing side line in knit design and tech editing, Rosee moved into the fibre industry full time as deputy editor of The Knitter magazine in 2011. She edited the magazine for several years before leaving to edit and redesign Knit Today.

Rosee went freelance in 2016 and now tech edits, pattern writes, grades, designs, writes and consults for clients including Erika Knight, Mary Jane Mucklestone, Anna Maltz, Susan Crawford, West Yorkshire SpinnersRowan Yarns, Debbie Bliss, Blacker Yarns, Rico, Mollie Makes, The Knitter, Knit Now, and Simply Knitting.

Benefiting from the generous support of others at the beginning of her career, Rosee is happy to be able to pay it forward and acts as a mentor to several new designers. She also offers tuition in pattern-writing and grading for tech editors and teaches sweater design at A Yarn Story. Recent projects include tech-editing Anna Maltz’s book, Marlisle: A New Direction in Knitting, and copyediting Rowan: 40 Years: 40 Iconic Hand-Knit Designs. She is currently writing a knitting book that will be published in 2023.

Rosee lives in Bristol with her family and, when she’s not knitting or designing, spends her spare time gardening, wild swimming and freediving.